Zeta Xi 50th Anniversary Banquet, Nov. 2017

Zeta Xi 50th Anniversary Banquet, Nov. 2017


The Zeta Xi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity has endured at UC Davis for more than 50 years. Over the course of our history, more than 800 men have been initiated into our brotherhood.

Although those who come through the doors of 501 Russell Boulevard inevitably leave it behind to lead busy and fulfilling lives, they retain a connection with the chapter as a place where their journey truly began.


The Alumni Association of the Zeta Xi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity is a 501(c) non-profit organization registered with the State of California. It was founded in 1968 and since then has served as the fiduciary trust of the UCD Theta Chi brotherhood and as the manager of the 501 Russell Boulevard chapter property in Davis, California.

Today, the Alumni Association offers expanded advising, networking, and property management services on behalf of Zeta Xi brothers of the active chapter and alumni. It is comprised of an Alumni Corporation and a Chapter Advisory Board, both staffed by alumni volunteers.

Alumni CORP. Board of Directors

  1. President: Seaver Klug, UCD’14

  2. Vice-President: Julian Lawton, UCD’14

  3. Treasurer: James Beall, UCD’13

  4. Secretary: Unoccupied

  5. Property Manager: Lukas Klavins, UCD’13


Chapter advisory board

  1. President: Ryan Abusaa, UCD’18

  2. Vice President: Peter Swanson, UCD’18

  3. Scholarship Manager: Unoccupied

    The CAB also features several non-executive, flexible opportunities for alumni volunteers to support the chapter with their skills and experience.

We are continuously expanding our internal level of talent and organization to deliver superior property management results and further the success of the entire Theta Chi brotherhood.

The upcoming year will see the launch of several new programs to document the legacy of our chapter, hold better alumni events, maximize the ROI of house improvement expenditures, and increase the level of standards in the active chapter - if you’d like to be a part of these programs, please reach out using the contact links below.



seaver klug

Alumni corporation president

ryan abusaa

Chapter advisory board president

peter swanson

website manager