Message from the Alumni Corporation President


The Zeta Xi Chapter of Theta Chi Fraternity has endured at UC Davis for more than 50 years. Our chapter’s home city of Davis - our alma mater, the University of California, Davis - our country, and our world have seen huge changes in the time since our charter was signed. But the soul of the Zeta Xi chapter remains much the same.

The chapter remains a place where young men can master the art and science of successfully managing themselves, while lending an assisting hand to those around them. Where they can become responsible for upholding a legacy greater than themselves, while learning to play their own unique part in it. Where they can struggle to achieve, and enjoy their victory in the presence and affirmation of true brotherhood.

Now, Zeta Xi steps into a new era, as for the first time we create a unified undergraduate-alumni brotherhood under a leadership team with a clear direction and a motivated base of support. I encourage you to come along on this pursuit and journey of ours, in search of higher fraternity.

- Seaver Klug, Alumni Corporation President